Education Overview

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.           2 Timothy 2:15


The Church of Christ at East Side has Bible classes for students of all ages; we would love for you to come and participate in one of them sometime. Through our studies, we develop a deeper knowledge of God's will for us. Our teachers spend a great deal of time preparing for their lessons, and it shows!

Classes and teachers at East Side rotate on a quarterly basis. The Fall quarter has begun!

We would love to show you exactly where you need to be - so do not hesitate to ask!

Sunday Morning classes begin at 9:30am

Wednesday Evening classes begin immediately following our Congregation wide Bible Study which begins at 7:00pm in our Auditorium.


Nursery thru 3 year olds

Our Nursery class meets upstairs above the Auditorium. 

Our 18 month to 2 year olds meet in Room 15. 

Our 3 year olds meet in Room 9.

4-5 year olds web large.jpg

4 and 5 Year olds

The 4 and 5 year old class meets in Room 3.


1st thru 12th grades

All of the classes participate in Engraving Heavenly Truths.

The Engraving Heavenly Truths curriculum is the perfect curriculum for such a time as this - a time when there is a deplorable lack of basic Bible knowledge. The EHT curriculum saturates the student’s mind with basic Bible facts, from Old Testament to New Testament! Merely knowing Bible facts is not enough, but one cannot make application of the Bible without first knowing the Bible and this curriculum is concentrated on knowing the Bible.

1st and 2nd grade meet in Room 2.

3rd and 4th grade meet in Room 1.

5th and 6th grade meet in Room 13.

7th and 8th grade meet in Room 17.

9th thru 12th grade meet in Room 6.


Adult Classes

We have several Adult Bible classes available:


Room 11 - Acts of the Apostles

WBS Room - God's People-Old Testament Study - Leviticus

Fellowship Hall - Harmony of the Gospels

Room 16 - College/Young Professionals - The Life of Christ

Auditorium - When the Storm Hits


Fellowship Hall - For Such a Time Is This


Room 11 - The Book of James

Auditorium - The Gospel of Matthew

WBS Room - World Bible School